Some of our Clients

Arts & Entertainment Network
ABC Video Enterprises
American Bank & Trust Company, PA.
American Cancer Society
American Express
American Management Association
American Medical Association
British Broadcasting Corporation
Children’s Hospital Oakland
Children's Television Workshop
Ciba-Geigy Corporation
City Center of Music & Drama: New York City Ballet Company
CBS Television
Cooley’s Anemia Foundation
Council of Better Business Bureaus
Dow Jones
Eisenhower Medical Center
Encyclopedia Britannica Films
Fashion Institute of Technology

Ford Foundation
Fortune Magazine
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
IBM Corporation
Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital
Morgan Chase Bank
The Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Foundation
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The New York Times
Pfizer Laboratories
Public Broadcasting System
Slimfast Foods
US Department of the Interior: National Park Service
United States Department of Labor
University of Michigan Medical Center
The Wall Street Journal
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Frederick R. Weissman Foundation of Art