Our Success

The success of many of our documentary productions is the result of our gifted ability to elicit introspective, insightful, compelling stories from the hundreds of people we have filmed and recorded.

For those who are being filmed for the first time, earning their confidence was the first, sensitive step. And for those living celebrated lives, who had been interviewed countless times, finding new ways to get them to reach within for fresh insights, was the ultimate measure of success. We have convincingly been able to achieve those goals with both groups.

Since our unknown characters are best seen in our films, to appreciate the foregoing, what follows is a partial list of the familiar men and women, we have featured in our productions over the years.

Alan Ginsberg
Aldous Huxley
Anthony Quinn
Benny Goodman
Bertrand Russell
Bette Davis
C. P. Snow
Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali)
Charles Laughton
Deborah Kerr
Dina Merrill
Duke Ellington
Duke of Bedford
Ed Sullivan
Eleanor Roosevelt
General Curtis LeMay
General Omar Bradley
H. V. Kaltenborn
Henry Moore
Hoagy Carmichael
Hume Cronyn
Jack Benny
Jackie Gleason
Jackie Robinson
Jan Pearce
Jean Seberg
Jessica Tandy

Maurice Chevalier
Maurice Evans
Willy Brandt, Chancellor, Federal Republic of Germany
Myrna Loy
Norman Rockwell
Peter Sellers
Peter Ustinov
Phyliss Diller
Pierre Salinger
President Jimmy Carter
Ray Bolger
Richard Boone
Robert Frost
Robert Morley
Sir Ralph Richardson
Sterling Moss
Walt Disney
William Saroyan
Jimmy Stewart
Jonathan Winters
Joshua Logan
Justice William Douglas
Leslie Caron
Lloyd Nolan
Margaret Truman
Marian Anderson
Marlon Brando