Deirdre Evans


Deirdre’s production, WHEN A CHILD DIES, which explores the experience and the needs of parents who have lost a child, has been recognized for its sensitivity by the national therapeutic community and has been honored with Gold Medals at the New York and Chicago International Film Festivals.

Her PBS mini-series "MORE THAN A DREAM" is one of the most comprehensive programs on entrepreneurship ever produced for public television. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, it explores the risks and rewards of starting one's own business. The MORE THAN A DREAM series is being utilized as part of the curriculum in more than 200 schools and universities throughout the United States.

Deirdre redefined the concept of informational programming, when she created a television series of 9 programs with The University of California at Los Angeles, in conjunction with its scientific studies focusing on nutrition and obesity.

Deirdre developed remarkable, parallel careers, first with CBS Television, as an Associate Producer for several landmark dramatic series and as an investigative journalist, writing for local and national newspapers and magazines, including the Los Angeles Daily News and the Atlantic Monthly.

She then moved to Paris, Munich and Berlin, where Deirdre produced children’s programming for UNESCO. On her return to the Los Angeles area, she formed a production company creating documentaries for non-profits and cultural institutions. Shortly thereafter, she joined philip gittelman productions, inc.

Deirdre is a member of the Directors Guild of America. She holds a BA from Northwestern University and an MA from UCLA.